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    Public Sex in Ireland. Real people having real sex on the streets of Ireland!
    Send your photos to:
    No intrusive pics, only *public* photos where there would be no reasonable expectation of privacy.
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    In search of the hottest, kinkiest and most erotic - but *not* sexually explicit, please - photos on the web. Members can post photos here, as well as comment and "like" photos posted by other members. Porn will be deleted.
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    A group for people who like to let it all hang out.
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    The plural of spouse is spice. A forum for men who like to share their wife or girlfriend, and for girlfriends and wives who enjoy being shared. Single guys interested in meeting couples are welcome to join this forum.
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    Alternative Ireland moderated group for lifestyle couples. Please note, this is a COUPLES ONLY group, and membership is by approval. You can only join this group if you joined Alternative Ireland as a couple. Messages, photos etc., posted in this group ca...  more
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    Private group for members interested in fetish/BDSM.
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    Private group for Irish doggers.
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    A private group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members.